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Svetlana Prigoditch was born and raised in Belarus. In 2005 she graduated in Media Art from ArtEZ Art Academy in Enschede(NL).
From the outset, she has always strived to exhibit the very most important work, constantly exploring new media and challenges in performance, sculpture and drawing.

In 2016, at Sint Lucas Art Academy in Antwerp she discovered her new passion: contemporary jewelry, which she continues to create today.
Svetlana’s work is inspired by cinematography, literature, found objects, fragrance and natural patterns.

In the last two years her jewelry objects have been presented at several international exhibitions in Germany (Schmuck), Greece (AJW), Portugal (Collectiva Meeting International Exhibition), United States (ECU material topics symposium) and Rome (Galleria Carlo Lucidi).

‘If we put artwork on the wall or in a public space, why not on the body. Jewelry as wearable art is meant to highlight your uniqueness, express individuality. It is a refined way to communicate with the surroundings and use your body as an art gallery. ‘


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